wheat allergy

Wheat allergy Rx 29y/0 female 8 years back diagnosed Patient suffered from severe diarrhoea 8 years back and after that her doctor ran test and found out that patient was suffering from gluten allergy Currently - she is very lean and thin Blood sugar 60 fbs Feels dizzy when ever she gets up Weakness in body Habit of skipping meals Fond of milk products but lately milk cause her flatulence




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Work on Agni and then start Gluten diet in Vardhan Pippali Fashion... Soon it will become satmya

Thank you doctor

It's celiac disease. Gluten free diet is advisable.

Thank you doctor

It's celiac disease. Advice Use Gluten free diet

एलर्जी किस तरह की है। पहले रोग निदान करना चाहिए।

Plz revisit

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