When to start FAVIPIRAVIR in COVID 19 ?


FAVIPIRAVIR is indicated in mild to moderate cases of COVID-19 disease. But its efficacy depends upon the timing of start of antiviral. It should be started as early as possible- immediately after patient is tested positive. Any delay in start of antiviral - may not reverse the low perfusion index in lungs . The dose is 1800 mg B.D - first day and 800 mg B.D for 7- 14 days . Now trend is towards 7 days because if at all it benefits- it is the first week of the illness . Mankind company has come 800 mg tab .of FAVIPIRAVIR which is easier to take - then other 200 mg strength tablets available

Thank you doctor

Drug use for influenza Very effective 10 times better then other drug Day one 1800 mg bd Then2 nd day to14 800 mg bd

In mild cases of Covid 19 when viral replication is more . Should be started at earliest .

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