Which ayu Rx can be use as instant muscle relaxent ? and for lactic acid deposition !?


रोगी संग्रहणी से पीड़ित है। चिकित्सा संबंधी योग,,,, पंचामृत पर्पटि 2 रत्ती सोंफ के फांन्ट से सुबह शाम सेवन कराएं। रोगी को लंघन करना चाहिए। केवल लावा का सत्तु खिलाएं। यह कार्य लगातार रोजना एक सप्ताह तक करें। निश्चित रूप से लाभ होगा। योग परिक्षित है। पिछले 40 वर्ष से प्रयोग कर रहा हूं।

respected sir hrahni me ese lakshan kyu dekhne ko milte he?

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Muscle relaxant/cramps Dietary Treatments for Leg Pains: -Do not consume constipating foods -Consume plenty of green vegetables and leafy vegetables that contain fiber. -Vitamin C obtained from amalaki,oranges and tomatoes is also good for digestion. -Avoid coffee and chocolate if you have persistent leg pain problems -Dehydration is a leading cause of leg pains. -A plantain(ice-cream) is a food that is extremely rich in minerals of potassium,magnesium and calcium.Hence it is extremely beneficial for proper metabolism within the leg region. -for external medication:Mahanarayana tailam or Prasarini taila -for internal medication:Sinhanaada Guggulu,Laxmivilasa rasa and Pratapa Lankeshwara rasa -yogasana:Uttanpadasana,Janusandhi and Gomukhasana MUSCULAR PAIN IN GENERAL AFTER HITTING GYM IS DUE TO LACTIC ACID DEPOSITION (CAN BE CONSIDERED AS 'AMA'), AND SUCH PAIN WILL BE RELIEVED JUST BY HOT WATER BATH.... AS A RULE, A PERSON NEWLY ATTENDING GYM SUFFERS FROM GENERAL MUSCULAR PAINS WHERE HE SHOULD CONTINUE GYM TO REDUCE PAINS, AND, A PERSON WHO IS REGULAR TO GYM, IF GETS PAIN IN ANY PARTICULAR REGION, SHOULD FIRST GIVE REST. BACK PAIN IN THIS CASE IS A CASE OF CONCERN. HE CAN CHOOSE ONLY AEROBIC & STRETCH EXERCISES RATHER THAN WEIGHT LIFTING ANAEROBIC EXERCISES. ADVISE THE PATIENT TO BE CAUTIOUS AND IF ANY INCREASE IN PAIN, HE SHOULD ABSOLUTELY STOP GYM FOR FEW WEEKS. GIVE HIM A COMBINATION OF SAINDHAVADI TAIL + KARPOORA TAIL + MURIVENNA FOR APPLICATION, FOLLOWED BY SWEDANAM...2-3TIMES DAILY. .....TO BE PRACTICAL, I DON'T WISH TO ADVISE ANY ORAL MEDICINE IN THIS CASE.

Thank you doctor

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