Which inj do not mixed with other inj in one pine


So many drugs are incompatible few are 1 hydrocortisone andbmidazolam 2 cefepine and midazolam 3 midazolam and Omeprazole 4 hydrocortisone and vancomycin 5 cefepine and vancomycin 6 Omeprazole and vancomycin 7 calcium chloride and hydrocortisone 8 phenytoin and ranitidine 9 phenytoin and noradrenaline 10 hydrocortisone and vit B1 etc

Thank you doctor

Basically no injs will be mixed but during my carrier antibiotics and diclo + phenergan precipitated in each other resulted in waste. One inj should be injected and if want to give use scalp vein or canula but single inj in single pine .

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