what treatment should advise??

Which medicine/drugs safe in neonates less then 6 month I advise more breast feeding but any other specific treatment?? Case1.. 5 month old baby come with Diarrhea 4-5 time in day history of Cow milk due lack of breastfeeding Case2.. 4 month baby have difficulty in micturition and cry after micturition also some time urine late pass interval of 12 hrs as per history case3 3 month old baby with vomating after breastfeeding and diarrhea what treatment suggest?? in all type of case which medicine safe in upto 6 month old baby?? please also suggest dose of medicine?? any other counseling/non medical treatment???



1. Get the stool examined. If there is infection treat with antibiotic. Otherwise no treatment. 2. Examine urine. Proceed accordingly. 3. If the baby is otherwise normal vomiting and loose motion after every loose motion is normal. Vomiting is usually due to aerophagia. Adv. 1. Proper positioning and latching during breast feeding. 2. Burping after each feed. loose motion is due to increase gastro colic reflex. Nothing to do. It is self limiting.. 4 The best way to increasing breast milk production is frequent sucking by the baby. Encourage night feeds.No medicine necessary.

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Thank you doctor

Case1- u can give probiotic, zinc supplements,energal liquid..maintain hygiene and cont breast feed.. Case2 - it is normal for this age,most of babies cry during or after micturation.. only counsel the parents Case-3 - record wt gain/loss, urine output.. if baby is gaining properly no need to worry... U can give probiotics nd zinc supplements.. and feed frequently followed by burping...

Case 1 breast milk/lactose free formula milk Enterogermina Preboitc sachets for 3days Case2 gripe water application of castor oil on belly button Case 3 gripe water Breast milk/formula milk No cow milk (Nandini or any other pasterurized milk)

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Enterogermina for three days

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