White Discoloration on Ankle

28 year / Female C/o :- White discoloration at front side of left ankle since march or april 2019. She went to goa before starting this complain. Sometime itching in white discoloration part. Appetite - Good Stomach - Sweet aversion++ before Pregnancy and Sweet Desire++ after pregnancy. Urine and Stool - normal Thirst - 2.5 lit per day, thirsty Sleep - good, mostly on back Thermal - like cold, hot +++, desire covering Life History and Mind :- - Epistaxis before 20 year. Epistaxis happen when do anger or hot weather. Now no epistaxis happened since 20 year. - Fear of dark place when alone - Desire travelling, eating, learn new things - Desire company. - She will afraid always nothing will go wrong - Anger suppressed, sometimes crying alone. - Lscs done before 5 month Suggest treatment and diagnosis?



Hypopigmented spot can be due to various reasons. Basic Investigations recommended, exploring the events in goa to reach the probable cause or trigger. History of conception normal or ivf? Menstrual cycle? All such details assist us towards the selection of medicine. From the details mentioned few probable medicines can be Staph, Nat Mur, Calc carb, Puls, etc. Proper differentiation after collection of all the details should be done.

Thank you doctor

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