White lesion in buccal mucosa - Dx?

Chief complaint A 48 y/o male presents with white lesion on the right buccal mucosa. History Patient has extensive history of tobacco chewing for 15 years. He places tobacco on both buccal vestibules. No other past medical or surgical history. Examination On intra-oral examination the buccal mucosa irt 45,46,47 was white and wrinkled. No extraoral swelling or other findings. Vitals stable. Diagnosis What are your comments on diagnosis? Treatment Advise treatment also.




Tnx Dr Ngailong Longbah

Doc it seems to be tobacco pouch ketatosis.Tobbaco chewing,sharp metal crown or even sharp toith in contact in this can lead to keratosis.Please look for any sharp frictional contact.Do motivate and advise him to discontinue the habit.U can advise tab Oxitard from himalaya 1od for 2 weeks.Hexigel/betadine oinment might help.Recall afte 2 weeks ,if still persists..biopsy needs to be condidered.Hope it help.

Tobacco pouch keratosiis Leukoplakia

Leukoedema seems to be the diagnosis. When stretched if the lesion disappears it is confirmatory. History agrees with the diagnosis. So does the location. Thank you.

It's probably tobacco pouch keratosis...ask the patient if he has any burning sensation around that region

Tobacco pouch keratosis, advice antioxidants and quit the tobacco habit

Could be LEUKOPLAKIA or tobacco pouched keratosis Advice to stop the habit And follow up

Immediately to quit the habit... follow up to be done..in case of increased in size of lesion more than 6 weeks biopsy to be done.

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