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white patch on anterior tooth.

White patch.



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Importance of shade match. sometimes opaquer is must.

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White patch in dentistry D/D - in the oral cavity present in 1.benign condition like frictional keratosis 2.premalignant condition like leucoplakia 3.malignancy like squamous cell carcinoma Also there is one more patch in dentistry Local anaesthetic patch like lignocain- to reduce pain of deposition of LA intraorally. & white spot on tooth or teeth present in Enamel hypoplasia / defective restoration / demineralization of tooth enamel may cause hypersensitivity In the given clinical photograph, Well restored anterior tooth( I.e Central incisor )will definitely add or enhance the quality of Smile of the patient Well done Doc! A lucrative &dazzling Smile is being given.

Add to above mention condition Candidiasis

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Can u elaborate your treatment plan

Nothing special doc. Just direct composite with proper shade and opaquer.

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Importance of shade match. sometimes opaquer is must.

turners hypoplasia?

Veneer is d solution

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