WHO adds another lifesaving drug to the list of COVID-19 medicine

The WHO has added life-saving interleukin-6 receptor blockers in its list of medicines for COVID-19. It is a set of medicines that are administered to severely or critically ill COVID-19 patients. These medicines should be given along with corticosteroids - an anti-inflammatory drug. Critically ill COVID-19 patients suffer from an overreaction of the immune system that can be harmful to their health.



This was noticed and practiced since on set of pandemic or 1st way only thing documentation and approval by WHO was not there now they realised and reviewed the list . The concern is accessibility and affordability

Thanx dr Dinesh Gupta

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WHO added interlinking-6 receptor blocker in its list of medicines for critically ill covid patients should be used with corticosteroids to decrease of overactive immune system which can be harmful to health Can have promising benefits

Great . Welcome some things is better than nothing . reducing the death rate by using interleukin -6 receptor blockers with carticosteroid Tocilizumab and sarilumab .. reducing the demand of ventilators

Nice & significant uploading of WHO video with information about Interleukin-6 receptor blockers for treating severe Covid pts.It's new addition in previous list of covid medicines.

Nice information uploaded.. Thanks doctor

Thanks doctor Dinesh Sir


Good news

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