Whole Body itching

Female 19yrs, whole body inching for 1.5 month Vitals All vitals are normal Physical Examination Black patches in check Investigations Tsh/sgot/sgpt/hb%/fbs are normal Except IgG is 1030 Management What is Dx and Tx

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Increased IgG level shows she is allergic. Atarax tab of in night and sos in day. Look for allergen. Calapure a to apply locally. Histaglobulin inj sos.

Serum Ige raised, means allergy caused Atarax 25 bd Topical calamine lotion Histaglob injection sos

A C D Urticaria Consult an Allergy specialist

Dear Dr. Gourango Bhattcharjee Sir, Advice for the case by Ayurveda. Tab. Laxmi Vilas Ras ( Nardiya ) 1 tds. Sy. Shahi Johar Ushba 2 tsp BD.

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