Wht is Fresubin Dm powder?? Can we use this again(after 5yrs ) ??


Dear.Dr.Prachiji. If i am not wrong this neutritional suppliment of than awailable on Amazone. Fresubin DM Powder is a Nutritional supplement c ontains carbohydrate blends with low glycemic index. Fresubin DM Powder also contains h igh fibre content, high soluble fibre, s pecial fibre blend containing guar gum and Soya fibre effective in cholesterol control. It contains antioxidants and provides all essential Vitamins and Minerals. Benefits of Fresubin DM Powder: Low Glycemic Load and Low glycemic Index: helps to stabilize plasma glucose levels. High Dietary Fibre: For healthy gut function MUFA rich: For improved glycemic control and hyperlipidemia compared with high CHO diets High in chromium: For improved insulin sensitivity Contains Fructose, Starch and Maltitol: For low glycemic index Enriched with prebiotic FOS: Improves and maintains gut function. Concentrated sources of vitamins and mineral Storage: Once opened, can must be stored in a cool, dry place but not refrigerated. Reseal lid tightly. Use contents within 2 weeks after opening. Nothing wrong in using it... Regards. Dr.Dinesh.

Thank you doctor

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