Why brushing at night is important

Why brushing at night is advisable... Explained Share among your friends and family members to create awareness...



Well explained. Can u suggest the quality of tooth brush particularly bristles??

Yes...sir... According to diameter of bristles...there are grossly three kinds of brush available in the market... 1. Hard 2. Medium soft 3. Soft ( ultrasoft) For regular purpose, I would like to suggest the soft (3rd type) of toothbrush... Additionally technique of brushing you use, is equally important. Kindly move the brush in vertical direction in sweeping motion... ( Many YouTube videos are available on this) and I will make one for sure in near future. And also sir....change of toothbrush at proper time interval is imp as it tend to become hard and gets frayed with time ( mostly in 2-3 months according to use) Regards sir...

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Nice explained mam


Thank you doctor
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