Why do we associate love with “heart” and not any other organ ?




It was the thought of people of yore who didn't have a clear understanding of the functions of brain . Whether it's western or eastern medicine?People wrongly thought that the mind resides in the heart . Remember people say heartfelt condolences or love. This could be because it's the heart that responds to feelings by palpitations , tachycardia to certain feelings & bradycardia to some other feelings whereas the brain remains hidden & doesn't show any evidence of activity directly .

Kydney,liver is also important organ in our life ...if u really love very much someone and he or she suffering organ failure disease.... So u can express lots of love by giving ur own organ to save his or her life .......only heart can't give others as a live....thank u so much.

I think the reason is that during emotional excitement people feel palpitations or other sensations in the chest. Also during emotional distress (heartbreak) ppl tend to feel discomfort near sternum. I think that's why ppl associate heart with love.

I said it to be related to and interconnected with cms and and on a besides it's response to anxiety depression and exercise emotions

Love is decided by Manas which is having its seat in Heart. So mano sthanam is in Hridayam,,

There r many people who have had a heart transplant. It would be interesting to interview such patients and their family to find whether there has been a change in their feelings post cardiac transplant.

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In a conflict between heart and brain follow your heart.

The fact that there are associations of thoughts and emotions in the brain does not prove it is the source of cognitiion. There is a lot that midern science does not know. Indian and other Eastern systems of health and disease have far deeper and different understandings of gross body, subtle body and causal body thst Western medicine has no clue of.

Respected dr here I am giving one ref, one MBBS dr studied Ayurveda,,the father in law of top acean neurologist dr B rama murthy madras. Said that Ayurveda physiology starts at where allopathy physiology ends. Tqs dr

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Nice video.

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