Why family history is important in case taking?



Dr Ranjit Kumar Poriya Homeopathy Homeopathy Treatment Before Need Details Case History Taken Subjective & Objective Symptom. Observation After Selected medicine. Chronic Disease Treatment Family Case History is Very important Family Case History Carry & Effected Disease Maximum Since 1. Cardiac Asthma. 2. Leucoderma. 3.Blood Sugar. 4. Allergy. 5 Hysteria. 6. Arthritis. So Family Case History Very Important. Thanks Doctor Nice Post.

Family history roles are important for complete the totality of symptoms of any patient.because we know -- about genitic diseases like Haemophilia,night blindness, ibaldness & also other diseases like diabetes,asthma,Tuberculosis,mental diseases, height of the parents & grand parents also necessary in case of treatment of retarded growth of the patient etc

Miasms justified by the statement...... Miasms are like enemies entrenched & human beings are not created free and equal but are handicapped because of inherited diseases. To clear the miasmatic block in a case we have to study the Family history of the patient even going back to utero including Mental & Physical health of the mother.

Family history important because we know about hereditary disease conditions and chance of occurrence in patients like HT, DIABETES, GENETIC, and know about mental health by relationship of patients with family It's help in making totality and choose right medicine

To know about the heredity effect n also help in similimum

In chronic cases family history is a most valuable point for medicine selection

Chronic casese

@taking a chronic case there is necessary for family history purpose of childhood existing cause from Dr Jayanta Biswas.

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