Why , most people are not give first choice to treat diseases by homoeopathy,though it can cure?


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1) Awareness with correct facts is lacking. Many myths are prevalent. Each homoeopath needs to state the correct facts ethically and create awareness. No false claims, no big promises. Most patients always benefit more than what we state and that is how it should be. 2) We should also be aware of our own limitations and state it where necessary and refer the patient to a homoeopath who has those skills. 3) Following the Hahnemannian Homoeopathy precisely as it never fails you. Yet if you fail, accepting your failures. When we behave ethically in the interest of patient, patient respects us and our science. 4) Many homoeopaths do not practice homoeopathy for lack of their own understanding. 5) Allopathy is the first preferred mode of treatment as Homoeopaths always state that it takes time to cure in homoeopathy. They never tell that an acute condition is cured in a better way and in less or equal time with Homoeopathy. Yet Homoeopathy is the second most preferred mode of treatment in the world. Provide qualitative results and do your best.

Exactly mentioned by @ Dr Twara Ashish.

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There are several reasons. You know money making is the first problum. W HO's panels are the CEO's of major allopathic pharmaceutical companies. Doctors of modern medicine constantly blame homoeopathy. Because they afraid homoeopathy. And many more

One way to handle this can be when they themselves experience it, their views shall change. As we see in many European countries, Modern medicine doctors are taught homoeopathy and once they understand and experience, it is a winning situation for the patients.

Because Patients are not aware about differences between Cure & Suppression / Palliation as well as Homoeopaths are not doing best efforts in the Classical Homoeopathy.

There are so many reasons but I think one of strong reasons is lack of knowledge and skills of most of the Homoeopathic doctors that causes of failures and patients think that Homoeopathic treatment is not effective.

Testy food, magic medicine, show full decorative Doctor, Colour full Propaganda is first choice of most people, because these are social status.

I agree

Lack of awareness and trust

Ek purani kahavat h, Homo, dava der s Kam karti h, Isme parhej bahut h Aisa kuch h, ye sacchai h

Valuable opinion

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