Woman aged 40, having black pigments on buccal mucosa, tongue, lower lip. Tongue appears smooth and shiny. Burning sensation on taking spicy food. Pt has difficulty in swallowing. Blood reports show Hb is just 6. Can u guess the syndrome?



Plummer Vinson syndrome

this is a case of anaemic stomatitis as for pv syndrome we need to do barium swallow test to look for structures.

PV syndrome.., iron and biotin deficiency.

plummer Vinson syndrome / Patterson kelly syndrome - Iron deficiency Anemia.

Any syndrome is based or associated with clinical symptoms only. Its quite clear here with triad of features.

we just cannot make the diagnosis of PV syndrome with the given findings alone..... if the patient is anemic, it would be logical to assume that the patient would be deficient in Vitamin B complex profile also this seems to be a case of stomatitis due to nutritional deficiencies and can be corrected by administration of the correct nutrients the brown black pigmentation seen in various areas of the oral cavity seems to be nothing but melanosis which can be a secondary finding due to longstanding chronic mild irritation.....

Pt is not nutritionally deficient. She has a condition in which the iron absorption from the body is very less. She is taking shots for the same. All other findings were normal

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agreed with Dr govind

plummer Vinson syndrome

What about oesophageal webs which can be r/o by oesophagoscopy.For the diagnosis for PVSyndrom presence of Oesophaga webs must.

Will surely advice the patient. Thanks

Pv syndrome

check for occupational history(heavy metal poisoning) Addison drugs hiv

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