World Asthma Day - 5 May 2021

There is no permanent cure for Asthma, but asthma attacks can be prevented. For that, it is necessary to uncover Asthma Myths and face the reality. What Asthma Misconceptions do you think need to be debunked?



Myths about asthma in society are enumerous and hard to convince No body ready to accept the truth that asthma is a illness and chr inflammatory process leading to narrowing of bronchus They consider it to be a disease of old age or who smokes They always in denial mood to accept the heridetory reasons

Very true Dr. Shivraj Agarwal Sir. It's lake of awareness. As awareness spread myths will diminish.

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Any myth should be debunked . Asthma is a curable disease should be treated vigorously with all parameters . World asthma Day has much more importance in Covid 19 era

I cannot agree with this statement "THERE IS NO PERMANENT CURE FOR ASTHMA ". In my 40years of homoeopathic practice I can able to cure hundreds of asthma patients without recurrence. Here homoeopathic approach is very important. All symptoms of the patient collected with special importance given to mind, modalities, seasonal aggravation and amel: Family history etc are very imporant.

Asthma Misconceptions shud be Debunked like Asthma is a hereditary disorder and can not be treated. Asthma is a God gifted disorder of last birth etc. On Asthma day today.

True education of society and awareness are the key words@ dr Narendra Kumar

Yes Sir I agree

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Asthma Attacks are preventable if Precipitating factors Checked along with Medication & Breathing Excercise.

Asthma Kyon Hota Hai Insan ko Uske bare mein aapane jana hai liver se yah problem start hoti hai kab banta hai Prit banti hai banta hai Jiska Nivaran hai contact Karen 988 22 6671 Tu

Thanks ji Doctor Saheb for your valuable information... ginger on a regular basis and pomegranat

Thank you Doctor Literally everyone is obsessed with Covid tht no body is looking for other diseases in general I do appreciate the work done Thank you Doctor

Very informative update

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