World Breastfeeding Week | 1st - 7th August 2020

Prevalence and social acceptance of Breastfeeding in public vary from region to region. In rural India it is completely acceptable but it is still a challenges in upper social class mothers. What stops these mothers to breastfeed their child?



We need to make such mothers in our society more aware regarding the importance of breastfeeding up to at least two years of age of a child and exclusively up to 6 months of age in infants. We already have a training program called for doctors and healthcare personnel called " M. A. A. " [ Mother's Absolute Affection ] which I have attended as a medical officer in Jharkhand state. The trained medical personnel should then counsel & increase the awareness (regarding the importance of breastfeeding their child) of such mothers & bust their myths.

Over awareness and extra knowledge of so called high class or modern day mothers reluctant to accept that breast feeding is best for both mother and child. They stick to myths.

Thanks Dr S kumar

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It is very well established fact by scientific evidance by clinical trials by various study and also recommended by wHO breast feeding is of utmost importance in neonatal feeding. Now a days awareness about breast feeding risen in rural mothers.inspite of it in higher socioeconomic class still it is lagging behind.The cause behind it is myth that it will detoriate their health and detoriation of cultural system and broken of join family and formation of nuclear family.But nowadays the trend is declining and awareness is rising towards breast feeding.

Buetifully explained

एक कहावत है कि अपनी औलाद सभी को प्यारी लगती है । मां का दुध उस का पहला निवाला बनता है और यहीं से बालक का जीवन शुरू होता है।पर कुछ मांऐ अज्ञानता या सर्वार्थ वश इस तोहफे से वंचित कर देती हैं ।एक सीमा तक ही जवानी पनपती है जिसका ढलना भी निशचित है । फिर मां के दूध से वंचित युवक कैसे कहैगा कि मेंने " कोन सी मां का दुध पीया है ? " कुछ एक केस में बिमारी या दुध में विकृती आदी में मां का दूध निषेध है ।कृप्या जागृति फेलाऐं। वहीं असल ब्रेस्ट बिडिंग सप्ताह होगा। क्यूरोफि डेस्क का उत्तम संदेश देने का धन्यवाद।

The upper section of society thinks their beauty will be spoiled by breastfeeding . But the actual fact is that by breastfeeding they tend to lose weight gained during pregnancy by burning extra calories , just we should create awareness about this fact . Then they might breastfeed the child . The worrying bitter truth is that they are concerned more about their beauty and looks instead of their child's health.

Giving them proper guidance during antenatal period Post natal counselling Bursting the myths. Followup guidance during immunisation visits Provide adequate breast feeding zones rooms in public places Give adeqaute maternity leave . Should have a strong family support system.

Provide zones or some place for breast feeding at all public places like bustaions railway stations,cinema halls shopping malls every where and publicity shoud be given adeqautely ,about the availabilirt of that facility,and proper manintenace of that places

Brest feeding is only contain whole nutrition and essential for the every neoborn and child .It play important roles in development and behavioral and is unique in own. Graet natural process.

Main cause is work, living for money and also in the name of modernisation and couple relationship ..these are main causes they have to give consoling and should education on this

Breastfeed is best for infants.. Its a known fact for most women but few who may follow western culture, may not do so.. The rich class, high esteem may also be a reason..

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