World Breastfeeding Week

Is my Baby getting enough Breast Milk? A common question asked by mothers of the newborn. A video by Paediatrician Dr.Pallavi Mukesh Gupta.



Thank u ma'am . Exclusively mother's milk we studied it and we emphasised it very very thoroughly to our dear patients dear mother newly or Multipara.but they listen from one ear and let it go from other. As soon a baby born after 10/14/21days mother's come and complaints ohh doctor my baby motion is too much 5/6/8times a day and urine also many times so difficult to change.i asked abt feeding method most will say yes only mother s milk . I told them no need to worry no need to give any medicine continue breast feeding as it is normal for baby to pass Stool many times and urine after giving so much advice and encourage to continue mother's milk still they won't get d confident they still want to get medicine for they very newborn. Pls mother breast feed ur baby don't worry abt urine or stool

In few sentences, delivered much information Thank you for sharing this Ma'am. Nice awareness on "World Breastfeeding Week".


Great presentation. Like her confidence.


Thanks for these quick tips....

Great ma'am superb Thank you

Thank you ma’am .

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