World Breastfeeding Week

When do you think a discussion of breastfeeding should start with mothers? and why?

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I think second trimester is ideal for discussion of breast feeding. I is my personal opinion because 1.Second trimester is the safest period during pregnancy as most of the complications of pregnancy occur in first and 3rd trimester .In first trimester- risk of abortions , hyperemesis gravidarum make a women unreceptive .In last trimester - PET hypertension, premature labour etc make a women unreceptive 2.During this time - a woman is happy , relaxed and more receptive to discussion regarding breast feeding . 3.Women should be asked her plans of breast feeding. You do not need to overload women with too much information. Stick to basic facts about benefits of breast feeding for the baby and the mother .Talk to woman about benefits of initiating skin to skin contact with baby as early as possible after delivery- preferably with in an hour

Third trimester in my opinion, talking about baby before viability which is 28 weeks in INDIA is not a good choice.... parents and especially the mother can plan about breast feeding and other facts about child care near EDD

@Dr. Jagriti Bhardwaj how about educating female students when they reach age of 14 years.?

Third trimester

With in6 hr of delivery antibodies igg igm


In early pregnancy

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