World Heart Day - 29 September 2020

Did you know?? 1 in 4 deaths in India is because of Cardiovascular Diseases with Ischemic Heart Disease and Stroke contains >80% of this burden. Why India is at higher risk for Cardiovascular Diseases as compare to other western population? Share your views with us in the comment section.



There are various reasons behind higher risk for CVD; Lacking awareness among people in India, illiteracy of the people or we can say that people thought that medical professionals are always try to do business with them and tell more fearful things even though for small heart disease in the name of heart a vital organ. Like that many more reason are also available. Both( Government and publics) sections are responsible for it.


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No facilities at rural areas like minimum ecg Not aware of excercises More belief on rmp than a doctor

I think this is due to bad habbits like over eating non veg diet with coldrink , some other drinks alcohol , ciggaret smoking , drugs ingestion, fast food etc. Another reason is tremendus stress . it may leads to depression. Late night working, late night parties people forget early to bed early to ...... .They ignored himself . Not doing exercises, walking, pranayam, yoga, meditation , diet habbit. That's why he has more problems, he not share his problems with family members or friends due to this stress will increases.

Emotional / mental stress factor is also an added factor that is causing this increased rate of CVD in India. Proper guidance and medical support is also lacking

India is at Higher high bcoz one of the major cause is prolong SITTING.. Imbalanced diet These two increase the chances of diabetes , arteriosclerosis which leads to CVD

Informative and educative post. People awareness and govt and community participation and regular exercise with consumption of healthy balanced diet may reduce incidence.

Thanks Dr SI Godara

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Most probably cause is stress Sedentery stressful way of living

People will not follow the instructions regarding the diet and exercises as advised by the doctors More diabetic patients when compared to other countries and uncontrolled sugar levels Streeful life No emergency management possible in several rural areas Less awareness about the condition and illiteracy

Lethargic life with not taking treatment properly under superficiality & believe on quakes In India everyone dedicated towards money instead of health In India smoking & alcoholism not taken in proper quantity as comparison to western These are some reason which increase chances of heart disease

Lack of regular physical activity.. more..intake of saturated fats.. also reuse of oil during frying... Negligence of minor symptoms in beginning.. more abdominal girth.. make us more prone to cardio vascular diseases.

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