World Hepatitis Day | 28th July 2020

Viral Hepatitis is a potentially life-threatening liver infection. Prevention and care for hepatitis like infant immunization & continuous treatment for hepatitis are necessary even in COVID-19 pandemic. Do you think a developing nation like India can eradicate hepatitis from its population? What necessary steps should be taken?



Thanks Dr Mahima Chaudhary for tagging me. On account of World hepatitis day July 28 ,2020 , theme of this year is Hepatitis - free future with a strong focus on preventing Hepatitis B among mothers and newborns. Globally 325 million people are suffering from Hepatitis B and C. 900000 deaths are recording every year approximately with Hepatitis B alone. In Developing nation like India as per the latest estimates, 40 million people are chronically infected with Hepatitis B and 6 to 12 million people are chronically infected with Hepatitis C. There are 5 types of Hepatitis virus strains A, B,C,D,and E. Out of all Hepatitis B and C are important because they may lead to Cirrhosis and Hepatocellular carcinoma in future. Hepatitis A and E are mostly transmitted through contaminated water and food. Hepatitis E is most common cause for epidemic Hepatitis and Hepatitis A is more commonly seen in children. On this world Hepatitis day , WHO calls all countries to take advantage of recent reductions in costs of diagnosing and treating viral hepatitis and scale up investments in disease elimination. The Government of India already announced that it will offer free testing and treatment for both Hepatitis B and C as a part of its universal health coverage plan. This has been facilitated through the reduction in prices of medicines. This will result in health care cost savings with in three years. Treatment of Hepatitis B and C are very costly and burdensome for Patients in developing countries like India. Only prevention is the best option. Our Government already started and included Hepatitis B vaccine as a part of immunization schedule from infants. No nation can eradicate hepatitis from its population as a miracle , but nothing is impossible. Universal vaccination and continuous education and awareness regarding the disease process and progression . In this context we have to remind the Small pox which has been successfully eradicated in India . Last case of small pox was reported on May 24, 1975. By the year 1980 , India was certified as Small pox free country as it was eradicated from the world. So be positive always . May it take long time to eradicate Hepatitis B and C ,but it is not impossible. Our Government should enhance Our health care resources as it is viral born disease and have various modes of transmission . Necessary steps to be taken to eradicate the Hepatitis B and C are 1) Increasing Awareness of the disease and consequences of disease among population by health care workers. 2) Education regarding personal and environmental hygiene. 3) Drinking of clean and safe water and eating hygienic food. 4) Increasing the testing centres at a reasonable cost vand timely diagnosis of the Hepatitis B and C will help in time treatment and prevention of complications like chronic liver disease NASH, Fibrosis, Cirrhosis and finally Hepatocellular carcinoma. 5) In country like India most of the patients take Hepatitis as very light and they didn't undergo the tests to identify the type of Hepatitis and usually took country medicine for Hepatitis . 6) So , most of the cases are hidden and identified in later stages of the disease like cirrhosis or Hepatocellular carcinoma 7) Vaccination is most important against Hepatitis B and A. There are no vaccines for Hepatitis C and E. Hepatitis B vaccine offers some protection against Hepatitis D. 8) Avoid sharing needles or syringes. 9) Avoid sharing razor blades for shaving. 10) Avoid direct blood contact . 11) Use condoms during sex and avoid multiple sex partners. 12) Good Personal hygienic practices like hand washing with soap and water. 13) Proper screening of blood before blood transfusions. 14) Don't use infected person's personal items. 15) Avoid tattoos or blood piercing. In case if you are fond of tattoos , take precautions to avoid transmission. 16) Drink bottled water while travelling. 17) Take precaution s while travelling to areas with poor sanitation and get vaccinated before travelling to such areas. 18) Avoid alcohol as it is the most important cause of liver disease.

Agree with Dr Sepuri Tirumala Devi. Despite of all efforts our national programmes Started as national control or eradication programme after 5 yrs we changed it. I don't think without awareness , people participation and sincere and dedicated efforts of all concerned agencies including government end to this disease is possible within next 3to 4 decades. I have completed four decades of medical carrier but hepatitis B and other communicable diseases are maintaining position as it was there.

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But do you think it's possible. Viral hepatitis is life threating even in the era of covid unless diagnosed early. As such in allopathy we don't have any curative medicine but only supportive. But we must go ahead & try other pathies like Ayurvedic & homeo. As in Ayurveda there r many herbs supporting liver.

Thanks Dr Mahima

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Tnx Dr Vipin Bihari Jain

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Without any doubt &reasons it can say that people awaked about Hepatitis effects when revear flows over the corners & it can count on the catogery of "Asadya " in some cases. Every one knows that unsuitable "Virudh Ahar "is the root cause of such desease,but no body cares . In my view " World Suitable Diet Day " may be declared with strictly guidlines for human beings accord to the nature .All Virudh Ahar must be baned on each country level. Why :As example for covid 19 has marooned the world economy.those who are not following the guid lines,leaving this earth before time. Also can save the life by Hepatitis effects. Dr.Parveen Yogesh ji has submitted a horrible data of the sufferers with his post also.So needs to get some steps on the level of WHO.

Tna ks Dr. Mahkma chahdhary on acconut of world hepatitis day jully 28 year 2020 as a theme thisd year.

Possible like polio drive Hepatitis b& c drive

जागरूकता स्वास्थ्य के प्रति विरूद्ध आहार विहार से दूरी समय से टीकाकरण जैसा की डॉक्टर एस के मुद्गल साहब ने लिखा है अवश्य ही बचाया जा सकता है

Vaccination should be compulsory with awairness program ,in rural areas evan in some urban area people will take ""Ganda taweez" they do not know the Sevearty .


Possible Needs prevention proper investigation

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