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World Immunization Week (24th-30th April 2020) ADULT IMMUNIZATION IN INDIA As per the Immunization schedule guidelines of ACIP - Advisory committee on immunization practices guidelines from centers for disease control and prevention (CDC) , Guidelines of W.H.O , Association of Physicians of India - Expert Panel guidelines



Aim of this post is that , most of the doctors are not aware of such immunization schedule whether it exists in india or not .Although in west and USA it is being rigidly followed. But since , India is a developing country- and priority is on Immunization in children and govt.hospitals are running national immunization programme free to children. In fact, in children and pregnant we have been able to control diseases like tetanus, Polio , Diphtheria, pertussis, hepatitis B , tuberculosis. In adults- since Adult immunization schedule do exist - but it is not being followed as govt.can't afford costly vaccines . But option exists for adults who can afford and particularly for health care workers who are exposed to various occupational diseases like hepatitis A , hepatitis B ,influenza, meningococcal infection etc. As per the schedule even most of the doctors are not vaccinated. I don't think doctors are vaccinated for influenza after 50 years pneumococcus after 65 years and herpes Zoster after 60 years .One cannot think of common man getting vaccinated. I also don't think HPV vaccine is being received by females less than 26 years . Now with COVID- 19 pandemic- may be once it is over we will have to think of rigidly following the immunization schedule as it will increase are immunity against co - morbidities. Zostavax is the vaccine for H.Zoster available in india .It is costly at Rs 6800 - which a common man cannot afford. So , we can skip it , but we all know the suffering of post herpetic neuralgia. Thanks

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It's good information about immunization in all age groups since birth to geriatric age. World immunization week 24th -30th April 2020.

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What is herpes zoster vaccine Hpv vaccine dosage 0., 2months and 6months

HPV dosage is 3 doses before 26 years of age .Ideally 9 - 15 years. Various options are 0 , 1 , 6 months 0 , 2 , 6 months 0, . 1 , 12 months 0 , 2 , 12 months Ideally second dose should be given 4 - 8 weeks after the first dose - minimum is 4 weeks after 1st dose

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Nicely explained . N G O should take active part in adult vaccination program as this is untouched part of services

It will be interesting to know the statistics of these diseases after 60 in our country ,if anyone has it , please let us know

Nice information sir, Well explained sir, Thank you for Sharing this with us sir.

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