World Pneumonia Day - 12 November 2020

Pneumonia is the world’s leading infectious killer of children, claiming 1 child every 39 seconds. COVID-19 could increase ‘all-cause’ pneumonia deaths by more than 75%. No other infection causes this burden of death. Yet pneumonia remains a neglected disease. In your opinion, what are the main hurdles standing in the way of Indian healthcare system from being ready for such infectious disease emergencies?



Yes pneumonia is gaining front line as corona has shown us illiteracy lack 9f health education Negligence of illness No clear guide lines of treatment Nor available to all even at designed centres ie lack of facilities oxygen etc all administrative as well as medical incompetence making pneumonia more deadly and reluctant. We need a defined policy rather a cocktail to treat so also simple and cheeper procedure to test with8n reach of every one far deep 8n hook and corners A policy of vaccination against virus for all not only pediatric age group with free of cost specially to all aged pts above 40 0r 50 yrs of age

Thanx dr Praveen Yograj

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Pneumonia is the world's leading infectious killer of children. But now atypical viral pneumonia due to COVID-19 disease have taken lot of toll in adults also In Indian health care system- there are certain hurdles, 1.At Primary health care level- like P.H.C and sub - centers- lack of X - rays , Pediatricians and consultants make it difficult to diagnose Pneumonia at an early stage 2.Treatment by quacks of a disease of such serious nature . 3.Non - availability of medicines to treat such emergencies at primary care level 4.Lack of social awareness and health education

Pneumonia is world's leading cause of deaths due to infectious disease. Every body know reasons but despite of all efforts by world health organization and other agencies ,we are unable to control or reduce it's severity. Lack of education , awareness , poverty Poor doctor patient ratio ,non availability of trained staff and lack of medicine , country and population participation are tip of ice berg. We lack our commitments and passing ball to next. We publish data's but what action or what is it's solution at various levels never pointed out if so we forgot all about passing the particular day.

Thanks Dr Shivraj Agarwal

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In my personal opinion and experience is that "it is not a killer disease "if treated judicially and carefully.

I am agree with@Dr. Parveen Yograj Sir, and@Dr. Shivraj Agarwal Sir, and@Dr. Ashok Leel Sir.

Thanx dr

I think our health care system will collapse for any emergency, reasons 1. Lack of trained professionals. 2. Population. 3. Non availability of proper systemic guidance. 4. No knowledge of health care.


Pneumonia is very much fatal disease in children . Awareness is essential to family members. As soon as possible parents would consult to specialist consultant not quacks.

Main Reasons, 1)Inadequate and improper use of antibiotics pt do not take full course of antibiotics 2)Hap hazard use of steroids. 3) In certain area malnutrition caussing poor immuity recorrant infection 4) Cross infection in crouded slum area. 5) Lac of early diagnosis because of unavailibity of diagnostic facilities.

Pneumonia is very common in india because due to poor education no any awareness no properly treatment

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