World Stroke Day - 29th October 2020

Stroke is the world’s leading cause of disability & inactivity associated with increased screen time has topped on that. Beyond 2 hours, every hour spent in front of the digital screen raises the risk of stroke by 20%. Do you think Digital Detoxification will help in reducing the risk of stroke? Share your views!



Yes i agree with the view of digital detoxification will increase the expectency Incidences of STROKE are in rise irrespective of age sex As we all know lifestyle stress and increasing burdens of pandemic and diabetes and hypertension all are contributing in uprise thrshold of stroke Hence the day so named stroke day is the purpose that all clinicians we bear an responsibility towards this to bring an awareness and dangers of it Increasing financial burden of families and nation. Yes it should be included in national heath health programmes how we can prevent modify decreas stress and constrined and compressed economy of nation Yes digital detoxification should start from curofy itself what suggestions and ways come forward

Thanx dr Chinnu Santosh Reddy

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Process of developing thrombosis is inborn . Contributory factors are saturated fat ,suger, lack of excersize, and sedentary habits . Siting without use of mobile will bring same result . Mobile produce more damage to eye .so use of mobile can be minimised by listening audio and this challenging word one hae to constantly upgrade his data . person never retire till death .to stay from mobile means you are going to invite senile dementia .brain always demand work.downgrading of brain may be more dangerous .

Yes agree that it may increase..

You can use listen audio by using head phone and blue tooth of mobile and do your walking and excercise whith in distance of 10 feet .

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Nice informative post Doctor

I am agree with@Dr. Shivraj Agarwal Sir.

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