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Thalassemia patients, especially adults, have a chronic condition that may be associated with co-morbidities including heart failure, pulmonary hypertension, and diabetes have increase risk to COVID-19. till date, little is known about the clinical course of individuals with thalassemia who have COVID-19. But what is your opinion on this? Are patients with thalassemia more susceptible to serious COVID-19 disease? Does splenectomy confer a higher risk?



Covid19 susceptibility is more in person who has low immunity thus people with comorbidies are more susceptible Specifically thalassemia in itself has no reason for covid19 but low immunity or compermised will always predisposed Specific studies are not available still and it is the good reason to look for

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No specific reports are available but pt suffering from thalassemia are likely to be more susceptible to serious Covid 19 disease Infection due to low immunity and like other chronic illness .

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No studies published as yet regarding Covid 19 susceptibility in thak syndromes. However thal patients being transfusion dependent must be finding it hard to get adequate blood from the blood banks due to drop in voluntary blood donations and camps.

No specific studies yet but like others chronic disease serious infection is likely to occur

Nothing is established regarding susceptibility of thalassemia patients especially.

In Thalassemia, the person is anaemic - so the immunity is lower than a person with a normal level of haemoglobin. But, of the 2 major types of Thalassemia - Major & Minor,those of the Major type are definitely at a higher risk, considering their other associated problems of the Circulatory & Respiratory systems. Those with Minor type may not have high vulnerability to Corona, except that due to the anaemia they may be at a slightly higher risk.

Specific studies have to prove .... ?

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Any condition associated with decrease immunity is most probably higher risk of COVid-19 infection...thalassemia is indirectly with low immnuity so its susceptible to covid-19 infection..i think so splenectomy is a higher risk for covid infection....

Dx Thalessemia ! Adv. Blood Donation Camps !!!!!

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