• China 30 - Half Dram, Filix Mas 3X - Half Dram, Cebadila 3X - Half Dram, Tucrium Merum Verrum 3X - Half Dram - Mix it all together. Then mix 15 drops of this mixture in one cup of water and take it at bedtime every night. By this, almost all types of worms are destroyed in four weeks. • Filix Mass Q-Half Dram, Sina Q-Half Dram, Tucrium Merum Verum Q-Half Dram, Chenopodium Q-Half Dram, Antimonium Crudum 4X-Half Dram. Take all these and mix them. Take ten drops of this mixture by mixing half a cup of water at bedtime each night. In this way, taking it for four weeks is very beneficial in all the worms related to itching like nose, eye problems, anorexia by eating or eating food, eating more sugar, pale face, itching in the anus etc. • Sina Q-half drama, Santonine Q-half drama, Chenopodium Q-half drama. Mix them. Give ten drops of this mixture to bed every night. In this way, giving for a few weeks often destroys all types of worms.


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