X Ray chest:- of a case of HYDROPNEUMOTHORAX

30 years old male presented with a 5 days history of severe chest pain on left side, radiating to the back and upper left abdomen; and breathlessness which was debilitating and for the same duration. He also complains of chronic cough for roughly 2 months which was unproductive and with mild fever. The patient also gives a history of excessive sweating at night. In the last month alone, he believes to have lost 10 kgs of body weight. The X-ray attached are before and after his chest tube drainage. What is your diagnosis?.. VC: Dr.Vishal Wani

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Left sided hydropnemothorax noted. Mediastinal shift towards contralateral side. Rt sided fibrotic bands noted, sugg of old Infective sequelae. Plan ICD on left side. Fluid analysis. Sos surgical / thoracoscopic intervention to repair the air leak site.

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