COVID19 +ve ..x ray opinion

Covid positive No any compaints X ray opinion ..




Left sided pleural effusion . monitoring of SPO2 below 98% below 90% O2 inhalation. Plenty of fluids Azithromycin 500 od ,vitc,zinc, multivitamin, antioxidant,rest ,self isolation.if complications persists then hospitalized and follow covid19 protocol.

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Poor Xray film quality Blunting of Left CP Angle ? effusion Pleural tap with diagnostic investigations In view of covid positivity, if pt is symptomatic CT shd be done

Ground glass opacity lt lower lung pneumonitis adv1 maintain oxygen saturation 2 tab Azithro 500 mg 1 od ,3 tab vit c 500 mg 1 tds, 4 tab Becomplex 1 bd for 10 days 5 tab zinc 50 mg 1 od for 5 days, 6 tab asprin 150 mg 1 od 7 tab clopidrel 75 mg 1 od ,tab ivermectin 12 mg 1 od for 3 days if condition worsened shift to icu and start treatment as per icmr guidelines

Ground glass opacity. COVID 19 case . Follow protocols of COVID 19 and despite of no problem or symptoms drugs protocols must be followed or investigate further to prove otherwise.

Cardiomegaly with mild plural effusion Lt base

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Left basal consolidation

Do CBC and aPTT

Pleural effusion at Lt base