Yesterday I have shared this case... First of all thanks for sharing your views and ideas... Learnt something new... First have dropped 2 drops of Anu Tailam in both Nostril... Then, I have used a rubber tube of old BP Apparatus, Lubricated distal end with same anu taila and placed on Left Nostril and closed it. Then another end of tube is already fixed with 50CC syringe (What we use for Matra Basti) filled with just Air. Then asked her mother to close the mouth with hand for few seconds and I pushed the 40cc Air from left nostril and bead have came out very easily with Right Nostril. Without much effort, without any injury without any discomfort to that 3 year old boy it came out..... Hope this trick will help you in future if you got such similar case.....



Investigation is the mother of inventions.Avshkta Avishkar ki Jannie Hoti hey. Well done,money,time& Trobleness to the ptn &parents. Good luck.

Thank you sir

What an idea sir ji, Really it's a new experience to all of us, Superb sir, U r a role model and rule maker sir ji.

Excellent work is new experience to all.. really it is great.. n it save money,time,trobleness to the pt. N parent's as Mudgal sir told.. n thanks for sharing..Good luck sir

Thank you doctor

What an intelligent and innovative idea.... thanks for sharing@Dr. Hemant Adhikari .

My pleasure sir

Nice method Yukti ,.

Yes sir... Yukti Parimarjana Chikitsa....

Nice sir.

Great job

Thank u for sharing yoyr experience sir...nice idea

Excellent work sir.. Thnks to share with us

Good trick sir..

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