young boy presented with erythematosus pruritic rashes..

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its clearly seborrhoeic dermatitis dencare shampoo mometasone +clotrimazole lotion apply on scalp tab ctz bd tab prednisone 10mg tab flucanazole 300mg weekly

mometasone n clotrimazole lotion both apply on face also

Seborrheic dermatitis use ketconazole shampoo clobetasole with salicylic acid 3% prednisilone od citrezine od

due to hit summer,Sun burn photo sensitive allergic reaction calamine lotion in coconut oil tab cetriz

tab. azithromycin od tab. levocet m od tab. predni 10 bd oit. bacter o +

may be seborrhoeic dermatitis

Seborroic dermatitis

duration, h/o topical application,constitutional symptoms,any h/ MDT,? erythema nodosum is a possibility. Even miliaria rubra can be thought of

seborrheic dermatitis clearly involving scalp & extending over face fungal lesions

after treatment....medrol 16mg, augmentin, fluconazole, levocetrizine.

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