young. male fresh closed injury treatment option plz

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lateral locking plate and a postero-medial plate in buttress mode. mostly bone grafting/substitutes will be required. position of the patient is tricky here. timing: if compartments are tense, can wait for 2-4 days and using aggressive anti-edwma measures. kindly tell you management plan sir, will make a good discussion.

Urgent surgery. 1. reconstruct the plateau with subchondral cannulated 6.5mm cannncellous screws after closed reducing the fracture and holding it with pointed reduction clamps. 2.Medial proximal tibial locked plate. and place a drain This will serve as a definitive fixation and decompression of the compartment. 3. if there is worry of the skin then instead of the locked plate please apply an Ilizarov fixation 1 proximal ring on the proximal segment 2nd just distal to the fracture and a 3rd ring with a single schanz pin for stability. 4. start early ROM on a CPM machine for optimum return of function. All the best.

Bicondylar fracture proximal tibia with joint depression Needs plate on either side Elevation of joint on lateral side

need to wait before surgery. strict limb elevation on BB frame, ice fomentation. trypsin-chymotrypsin. regular monitoring of distal pulse.

raft screws and lateral locking plate.... wait for skin wrinkles to appear before operating... blisters alone is not a contraindication...

Don't think of conserving with plaster... Has to b operated.. Single blister is not a contraindication here... Joint are better to b reduced and fixed early... Orif Dual postero medial and other lateral...locking plates... Fixation should b good and stable for early mobilisation ROM exercises...

treatment of underlying compartment syndrome first

Wait before wrinkle sign appears .,ORIF

Span- apply a minimal knee spanning ex fix for the fracture fragments to fall in place and swelling to subside. Wait for 3-4 days, use this time to Scan- get CT scan for delineation of anatomy. Fix- use dual plating should be used, may jot require substitutes since fresh fracture, anatomical available plates should be used... or if the swelling is still an issue use Ilizarov with anatomical reduction of intra articular fracture with screws and then use distraction for metaphyseal fragments... Use 5/8th ring for femur which can be removed at 3 -4 weeks and knee ROM started.

# tibia upper end, undisplaced, advised above knee plaster cast.

its depressed displaced lateral condyle how could you advise cast that will be criminal to put cast i strongly deny your suggestion
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