young male pt has high grade fever with chills , throat pain , cough since 5days . what is lesion present on tonsil ? which antibiotic will affect?

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Tosilitis ..lesions r due to bacterial infection advice some bactericidal gargle lotion like Betadine gargle...and rest of treatment as applicable by symptoms

Scarlet fever tratment with erythromycin or penicillin


Follicular tonsillitis, amoxy+clavu

Ac tonsillitis lesions are due to bact.inf Freq gargles comb.of cefuroxim &claunic Along with symptomatic will be effective

It is not tonsillitis. It is generalised Pharyngitis. Antiseptic gargles and symptomatic drugs. If required Antibiotic after third day.

Pus or membrane should b sent for throat swab.. Look for neck swelling or difficulty in breathing it may diphtheria . Crystalline penicillin and ADS is preferred if it is diphtheria.. pulse rate should b counted .. if it's bradycardia .. go for ecg also

Those look like follicles. Always best to check with tongue depressor to see if pus or follicles or membrane. Throat swab to get culture and sensitivity. Always best to start with augmentin in oral cavity infections. Otherwise based on the report only u treat

Follicular tonsillitis...Throat swab culture and sensitivity , antiinflammatories, antacids , betadine gargle with equal dilution, antihistamines

Follicular tonsilitis

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