Young male pt has reddish eruptions over tongue with burning pain since 3 days. Constipation+ Kindly suggest management.



Glossitis Lucrative for constipation. Fiber rich diet. Cap cobadex forte od Sporolac tds Boroglycerine mixed with cobadex and 1tab wysolone locally after betadine gargles. Avoid spicy and oily food. Anti inflammatory tds for 3 days to reduce pain and swelling.

Thanks dear masih

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Atrophic glossitis Anti-inflammatory Multivitamins, antioxidant with lycopene IRON RICH DIET Tab. Vit A supplement Candid gum paint Cleaning of tongue regularly Liquid diet for few days Topical steroid gel Antifungal course

Glossitis. Oral candidiasis.


Looks like candidiasis.......when scrapped the candida leaves behind a raw surface that may bleed .... 400mg 1 stat ....candid gum paint for topical application

Glossitis. Prescribe following for 7 days: 1. Kenacort oral gel mixed with Dologel application thrice a day one hour before meals. 2. Cap. Multivitamin+ Minerals+ lycopene OD 3. Cap Omez OD 4. Syp Lactulose 30ml OD at bedtime. 5. Ask patient to take fruit juices, salads, green leafy vegetables and avoid too much spicy, oily and junk food items.

Glossitis Oinents Multivitamins Mouthwash Avoid spicy food,oily food Anti inflammatory Iron def. Clean tongue

Oral candidiasis Avoid spicy foods Candid mouth paint local application daily for 1 week

Look for other fungal infections And immunocompramised And correct constipation

Theses type of patients mostly like to GIT related pathology like peptic ulceration, duodenal ulceration at this era due to lifestyle disease, stress, so they don't be considered there habbit...

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