young male,suffering from dry cough,dyspnea Grade 2,left sided chest pain,fever since 2 weeks,not responding to antibiotics.wbc 11000,N76%,ESR 30mm.vitals stable. CT,cxrays are attached,what should be the approach to this case?



H/o dry cough with dyspnea with fever Presence of chest pain points twrds the involvement of pleura Increased ESR Opacity in left lower zone s/o Consolidation Do CECT thorax and see whole lung fields Sputum for AFB plus Absolute Eosinophil count.... If inconclusive may go for BAL

Go for sputum afb.and culture examination. Go for blood exam with esr.and blood sugar examination. It might be a c / o pneumonia or pulmonary tuberculosis.

Resolving pneumonia/PTB

Haziness in lt lower zone with fibrotic band resolving pneumonitis r/o pul tb

Thanx dr Ashok Leel

PTB ? Resolving Pneumonia.?

Thanks Dr Ved sharma.

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It lower lobe wedge shaped opacity with air bronchogram Favours pneumonitis Sputum/BAL culture and AFB to confirm

Lt basal pneumonitis Do RT PCR CBC crp esr ddimer ldh ferritin il6 Looks sarscov2 Treat as per icmr guide line

Sir either get sputum cultures or fab to get effective abs or rule out tb HIV and DM or Steroids to be ruled out too

Streak mark r o tb bronchoscopici biopsy if sputum. Then AFB 3 days

Left basal collapse consolidation

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