Young male with h/o burning micturation ,urine re -8-10 pus cells



No abnormal opacity detected. Adv--IVP & USG.

X-ray KUB not clear,may be Rt renal microlight, however structure urethra is common in young age.Obviously case favours UTI

UTI Urine culture USG abdomen Sos ivp if stone/obstruction

Get urine culture, usg abdomen and rule out urethral stricture with uroflowmetry upfront followed by Rgu if stricture pattern....

UTI.give norflox caps for 5 days.lot of fluids.Meanwhile do all relevant tests

UTI...send for urine that time treat with T. Levofloxacin 500 od 7 days T. Flavoxate 200 bd Syp alkasol

Never alkaliser with levofloxacine

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Uti.x Ray nad

Urinary tract infection Send for urine culture & sensitivity


UTI ,adv usg to look for radiolucent stone & urine C/S

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