Young male with rheumatoid arthritis on tofacitinib.

34 years old male, kco rheumatoid arthritis since 4 years, recently started on Tofacitinib 5mg BD. He is a kco t2dm taking oha since 5 years. Chief Complaints Fairly bearable crampy abdominal pain with semisolid frequent stools for 5 days. Stool frequency present at night too. No fever/bodyache/pallor/tenesmus/blood mucus or pus in stools/ nausea/vomiting. Appetite is normal. History As mentioned above Vitals Vitals WNL Physical Examination Per abdomen WNL Investigations Treated with digestive enzymes preparation and metronidazole, dicyclomine with no relief in symptoms. Stool sent for R/M. Diagnosis Please share your experience with the use of Tofacitinib. Are diarrhea and abdominal discomfort frequent side effects of its use? How frequently does reactivation of latent TB occurs with Tofacitinib?



Loose motions are side effects of Tofacitinb

Patient is suffering from IBS Check out for lactose intolerance

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