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Clinical correlation ,regarding SOB, vitals, SPO2, and lab parameters like inflammatory markers and DDimer needed. Severe pneumonia , most likely COVID. Need not wait for RTPCR report. Admission, high flow oxygen/ mechanical ventilation, steroids, Inj Remdesivir, LMWH / NOAC

HRCT is in favour of moderately severe Covid pneumonia. Need to have RTPCR for COVID confirmation . Inflammatory markers and D Dimer estimation. Assessment and control of comorbidities. If this patient is breathless, and his SPO2 is less than 93, he needs admission If symptomatic ,he will require, high flow oxygen , inj Remdesivir, anticoagulants, methyl prednisolone and antibiotics.

covid 19 positive with bilateral pneumonia (involving multiple segments of both lungs) - requires HFNC therapy / IPPV Abg broad spectrum antibiotics steroids lmw heparin for prophylaxis EXPLAIN ATTENDERS REGARDING POOR PROGNOSIS OF PATIENT

Ground glass opacities present in bilateral side with interstitial reticular opacities Viral pneumonitis with ILD Check for Covid RT PCR test Durataz 4.5gm bd Dexa 4cc bd Nebulization with LABA Fluvir 75 bd

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