Constipation and obstipation

A 76-year-old male with type 2 DM presented with complaints of constipation and obstipation that have been going on for a day. There was no vomiting. Physical examination; Vital Signs were normal, only abdominal tenderness Laboratory analysis was normal except hyponatremia. What's your diagnosis?

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A case of large intestinal obstruction -Most likely faecal impaction due to chronic constipation is the likely cause but as age of patient is 76 years,- a Carcinoma rectum.,or sigmoid colon needs to be ruled out . Start with NPO, RT suction, IV fluids, parenteral antibiotics, practoclyss enema .As patient is having T2DM- chronic constipation is common in such cases - so enema can help. A CECT abdomen will be more important to localise the site of obstruction and to find out the cause
Large gut obstruction with hyponatrimea in a case diabetes Diabetes causes impaired functions of autonomic nervous system resulted gastroparesis, so constipation is usual problem IV fluid Rules gastric suction NPM IV antibiotic IV metronidazole Lactulose High bowel enema Prokinetics inj PPI High bowel enema Correction of metabolites If not releaves, go for USG/CT Refer to Surgeon
Diagnosis is ...large bowel obstruction. Mx....Ryles tube aspiration IV fluids Broad spectrum antibiotics Urine output monitoring ....if pt is stable do CECT abdomen....and further treatment depends on CT report.
A case of large gut obstruction with Treatment conservative. Iv fluids , antibiotics, Monitor. Vitals, urine output . If pt stable then do CECT abdomen and then decided definitive treatment.
Intestinal obstruction functional multiple air fluid levels hyponatremia electrolytes should be taken care even potassium is also be cared
Intestinal obstruction. Could be feces. Stool softener. Antacid, laxative or enema. Next ca rectum to be ruled out.
Hard stool or fecolith Suppository to soften stool Laxative or glycerin enema
Large intestinal obstruction seen. Can be fecolith R/o malignancy
Intestinal obstruction
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