brother is six years old and the sister is of 4years. pl. suggest the line of management for these children. Their father had similar swelling in childhood which subsided later on its own


Umbilical hernia
Dr Sathish, this is a case of ACHONDROPLASIA REGIONAL- DYSPLASIA ABDOMINAL muscles. It runs in families, may AD. Both children have chest abN- PECTUS Carinatum, Protruded abdomen, weakness of abd muscles, Umbilical hernea, short pelvis and recurrent RTI. Treatment: Surgical repair with mesh to prevent recurrence. Chest deformity,Pectus Carinatum needs remodeling surgical correction.
Most isolated u hernea - small gets corrected themselves by 3-4yrs. , but umbilical hernia with weak abdominal muscles persist and recurs after surgery. Hence, they need placement of mesh.
umbilical hernia. Small hernia which does not allow index finger to go inside can close before 2 yrs of age.But as both old enough hernia will not close. So surgical closure as soon as possible to avoid strangulation. As there is family affected, so R/of hypothyroidism by doing FT4 & TSH.
sir , how is congenital hernia related with hypothyroidism( any syndrome?)

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umbilical the children are older and the hernia is big better to have surgical correction .AS risk of strangulation is high.Rule out hypothyroidism and hypotonia in the children
Agree with Dr Nithya
Omphalocele developing into umbilical hernia.ideally an laproscopic anatomical repair of defect will be sufficient.better to avoid mesh at this age
umbilical hernia. at this age needs surgery. observation should be done dyring infancy.
Umbilical hernia We can wait for spontaneous closure upto 2 yrs only
Umblica harnia needed surgical repair of hernia with mesh.
Umbilical hernia, surgery advised to avert complications
Umblica hernia, surgical repair with mesh.
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