A 32 y/o female with a history of hypothyroidism and no history of seizures presented with an acute onset of behavioral changes and witnessed seizure activity. Family history negative for seizure or psychiatric disorders. Behavioral changes included uncontrolled laughter, screaming, spitting on the floor & complete lack of appetite. Urine drug screen, and electrolyte levels, were all within normal limits. What is the interpretation of this MRI?


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Edited and posting single cut is very difficult to interpret. Are you able to interpret this if some one else post like this? Is it FLAIR ? Pl provide at least the cut.Hyperintense signal involving the subcortical while matter of medial and anterior temporal lobe left and a lesser extent rt side also. Herpes simplex encephalitis DD -other viral encephalitis,Limbic encephalitis ,seizure edema in status epilepticus. Is he consuming alcohol?
Cerebral infarct near Brochas area lt parital lobe near mid brain
Cerebral infarction lt parital love near Brochas area near mid brain
Look for viral encephalitis
Infarct. ? Focal oedema
Suggestive of infract
S/o, infarct

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