Vaitarana Basti

Topic- Basti Procedure and relevance in chronic cases Cakradatta while describing the Cikitsa Sutra of AMAVATA has indicated the use of Kshara Basti as a treatment modality for the disease Amavata. In this series he has described the Vaitarana Basti. The term Vaitarana has been made from the word "Vaitaranam", which literally means to donate ,go across,to leave which helps to expel out the doshas.Thus we can say that Vaitarana Basti help to expel out the morbid doshas from the body and thereby giving relief in the disease.Vaitarana Basti is Pakvashyagata,Niruha Basti. Ingredients of Vaitarana Basti:- 1) Saindhava lavana- 1 karsha(12 gm) 2)Jaggary- 1 shukti(24 gm) 3)Chincha- 1 pala(48gm) 4)Gomutra- 1 kudava 5)Tila Taila- Q.S Method of Preparation:- Vaitarana Basti was prepared as per the classical method used for the Preparation for the Preparation of Niruha Basti. 1) Initially 24 gm of Jaggary was mixed uniformly with equal quantity of lukewarm water 2) 12 gm of Saindhava was added to the abhove 3) Tila Taila was added till the mixture become homogeneous 4) 48 gm of Chincha kalka was taken and added to above mixture carefully 5) Lastly 200ml of Gomutra added slowly and mixing is continued so as to have uniform Basti dravya 6) Finally after filtering, Basti dravya is made lukewarm by keeping it into hot water Time of Administration:- It is a Niruha Basti that can be given after the meals (Bhukte Cha Api Pradiyate) Indication:- It is specifically indicated in Amavata,Shula,anaha(Shula,anaha,amavatahara)- Cakradatta Niruhadhikar. Vangasen has given indication in Stambha,Kati,Ansha,Pristha Shota,Shula,Gridhrasi,Janu Sankocha,Urustambha,klaibya,Vishama Jwara( Vangasen Basti karma Adhikar/190)


Dear Dr. Maitri Bhowmik Sir, Vaitarana Basti and Vangasen's Tika reference is very good.
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