How long asymptomatic positive and symptomatic positive covid 19 pts can spread virus to others?

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All COVID positive cases stop spreading infection once they turn negative on swab test . As of now according to ICMR guidelines infectivity period is 14 days in symptomatic & 10 days in asymptotic patient.
Absolutely as studies available are suggestive of28days Active transmission is in positive symptomatic cases for 14 days Asymptomatic carries can transmit upto 28days But answer are unpredictable
Thanx dr Sandeep Ghodekar

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Unpredictable answer to this question. Needs to study for live virus present in throat and nose. Even RT PCR positivity seen in 2 to 4 weeks in patients which can be dead virus.
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4 week s
28 days
In some cases, what further creates an alarming situation is that the symptoms turn up in a mild way, which are usually unheard of and left untreated. Or, the symptoms only turn up much later, aggravating the spread of the disease. Since they spread the disease without knowing, asymptomatic patients are called "silent spreaders" of the disease. While it existed from the start of the infection, the most prevalent case was when half of the infected people onboard the Japanese cruise were found to be asymptomatic While symptomatic patients transmit the infection through direct transmission modes like coughing or sneezing, in those with unknown, or undetected symptoms, the disease could potentially even spread through modes like talking loudly, shouting or simply mingling around in a crowd.
28 days. But it is unpredictable as different experts (epidemiologists) give different opinions. It sounds to me more reasonable that symptomatic patients transmit the disease in first 10 days and that there are no transmissions from asymptomatic ones. Of course it is my personal view and a pandemic virus will not care for my view.
Asymptomatic or symptomatic if positive they can spread within 2 weeks.
Day 1 to 14 days