Pitta adhikya & Amlapitta

29/y/o male with pain & hear-burn like feeling in the left side of chest. Pain does not radiate to any area, aggravate on breathing heavily or exertion relief by taking Pantop-40 mg His recent ECG- normal Appetite & thirst- normal Stool, urine- normal Jihva sama Prakriti- kapha Agni mandya Adviced to take avipattikar churna, but can this work on pain also? or what else can we give?



Advice to do not be empty stomach as well as don't do over eat. Cure constipation if there Ajwain+Jeera+Sauth+black Salt all in powdered form (2:1:2:1) with leukwarm water after 45 min of meal followed by this take 10gm desi jaggery. Plenty of juices,Fruits & vegetables
Please add Dhatriloha if he is anaemic. Kamadudha ras if he need antacid. Mahashankha vati if pain is of probing type. Avipattikara churna is best choice, above 3 according to need.
Amlapitta Mishran (Dhootpapeshwar) Mahashankh Vati Gulkand (Mukta Yukta) Along with Nidana Parivarjana and Pathya-Apathya Palana can give permanent relief
Drink plenty of water Eat green vegetables and salad Avoid spicy and oily food Mag. Carb. 200/4 globules od for seven days
Basic treatment is diet control. 1.Gandharvahasthadi kashayam-bd 2.Dhanwantharam gulika. 3.Shank bhasma. 4.Gasex tab
The pain in the chest can be caused by acidity as well and may be taken care of by the treatment of acidity.
Pomegranate,ginger lime juice pineapple with black pepper tomatoes, garlic alkaline diet
अविपत्तिकर चूर्ण 5 ग्राम शंख भस्म 4 रत्ती भर सुबह शाम खाना खाने के बाद गर्म पानी से दें।
Avippatikar Churna Shankha Bhasma Gasax Tab Himcocid Suspension Nidan parivarjan.
Dear Dr. Surya Mehra, Tab. Amlapittantak Ras. Tab. Kamdudha Ras Moti yukta.
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