1 Extensive Tinea Versicolor 2 Primary Irritant Dermatitis 3 superlficial Keratolytic well-defined fungal Lesion 4 Tinea gluteals with Ulceration 5.Plantar Psorasis with Ulceration and scaling with fissuring 6.Penile Mucosal Psorasis 7 Tinea Mannum.8 Hypopigmented patch for observation for Indeterminate Leprosy , Previtiligo , Pityriasis Alba ,Nutrinal dyschromias etc, spotters for PG students


Multiple Lipomatosis

Child must have atopy. Atopy has invited fungal infection. So use moisturising also

Pityriasis alba

Make him depigmented in remaining areas with sunsreeners + Topiçal VitD 3 analogues like Topical Calcipotriol,and Tacacalcitriol

1a.Multiple lipomatosis. If pain associated. Shift in Diagnosis to Dercum diesease