1 yr fch presented with fever & swelling on the neck -2days. single swelling firm in consistentncy in post cervical area. tonsils and pharynx normal. Dx & Rx

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Thanks all for ur valuable opinion It turned out to be a c/o reactive lympahdinitis Responded well to 7 days amoxyclav abd Ibupara 80% glands size subsided, nd pt became afebrile within 48 hrs No investigations​ done Still under f/up

2days history...most Probably infective cervical lymphadenitis... Treat wit a course of antibiotic.. Amox.. with anti inflammatory for 5days... If not responding then to consider USG and fnac

Reactive cervical lymphadenitis.. 2 days duration , so expectant management... Fever to be treated with paracetamol, if unresponsive, investigate . No need of antibiotic at present

Since only 2 days history, it is infective cervical lymphadenitis .Amoxyclav and anti inflammatory drugs are required. If not treated earlier may lead to abscess formation

2 days history of swelling cervical lymphadenopathy 7 days of amox antipyretic sos Then plan of fnac

Please examine scalp.. FNAC is advisable. Mostly reactive lymphadenitis

Cervical lymphadenitis To Give a course of antibiotics and see

FNAC is required?

D/D Infectious mononucleosis AOM with complications. A/C Laryngitis. Scalp infections (Folliculitis) Lymphoma ( if generalized) Treatment- Course of Antibiotic preferably Non- Penicillin group. Erythromycin/ Azithro x 7days Blood profile with Peripheral smear. USG neck. X-ray mastoid & Neck soft tissue lateral view. FNAC if increasing in size or not resolving after 2weeks.

If there are no evidence of infection in the throat and oral cavity there is no cause for anxiety. It may be an evidence of prior infection. Some times lymph nodes take longer time to disappear after the treatment of infection. Leave it alone.

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