1 yr m ch Weight 8.500 Cough with rapid breathing since 2days B/L crepts++ Temp.99 Nebulised with duolin, budecort , NS and o2 Ceftriaxone,amikacin iv bd Amoxyclav p.o. tds Levosalbutamol syr p.o.tds Monet Lc kid 2.5 ML HSOD Omnacortil drops 1 ML three times Nasoclear NASAL spray Pcm p.o. sos. Relieved Please see the attachment and suggest ur valuable opinions.

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Looks Septicemia with LRTI Your treatment is fine Wait for response

?Viral fever... ?right side b/l pneumonia (mild changes) Rx inj Monocef/Amika continue Syp azee 100 mg bd Nebulisation continue Syp Calpol 125 mg SOS

Now doesn’t need any Rx

C/o WLRTI with sepsis Ask the parents for recurrent episode of difficulty in breathing ....Then Think for start MDI Rest continue same ...

Bronchitis with bacterial infection / Mild cardiomegaly Do Blood CS

Bronchitis. Symptomatic treatment.

Leucocytosis Lymphocytosis as 72% Rest of reports are insignificant 1yr child A c/o sepsis Keep watch on cerebral symptoms to r/o meningitis

Thanx dr Rajendra Rai

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Cardiomegaly Septecemia Ad 2DECHO


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