11 y female with pain left side chest and shoulder from last 3 yrs. pain constant in dermatomal distribution C5 to T10. No motor weakness, winging of scapulaleft. hyperalgesia even with touch of clothes. child always hold the clothes. MRI spine planned. Differentials pls



It may be prarlysis of serratus anterior muscle due to lesion in long Thoracic nerve. May be traumatic. Vitamin B12 for long term and Physiotherapy will help.

Weakness of both shoulder girdles . Minimal scoliosis. Hyperalgesia is a sign of motor nerve denerrvation. Neuropathy ? Cause B12 def Post vaccination/post viral induced Congenital muscular dystrophy limb girdle type.

Dr, which vaccine can cause it can you highlight. With warm regards

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Really very interesting.. Pain and hypralgesia in dermatomal distribution localises the lesion in nerve roots, rather than long thoracic nerve. let's see the MRI. An EMG can be confirmatory

Seems to be a case of scoliosis associated with winging of scapula

Thoracolumbar scoliosis Possibly unbalanced curve producing pain Standing AP view of whole spine Xray pelvis with both hips to assess pelvic tilt

Syringomyelia, do MRI spine.

She is showing winging of scapula and wasting of muscles of arm.. then how can one say no motor weakness ? Also possibly slight scoliosis of upper thoracic spine seen.. Kindly update MRI report.. would be nice to know what it showed... Thank you.

It's winging of scapula b/l due to muscle weakness (serratus anterior) Rx Ul gross motor excs,eg shrugging,retraction, elevation,depression (shoulder movmnt) Strengthen ecxs of shoulder muscles Wt bearing excs

VERY interesting case. Neurologists and orthopaedic surgeons SHOULD respond. Why delay in answering. Dr Abdul Majeed

You didn't answer it medically either. Did you?

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Scoliosis with winging of scapulla use "BOSTON Brace" to correct lateral deviation of spine and DO "SCHROTH TECHNIQUE" will definetely help to Decrease COBB Angle these are three Dimensional Exercises which will really help.

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