11 yr old Female patient died... was suffering from TB Meningitis.... what are these skin lessions present on her Neck I have seen them few hours before her death...



Dr. Sunil, This visual shows localised tiny lesions on neck may be due to disseminated skin condition due to local T cell function defect . It could be ECZEMA HERPETICUM. Start mild outbreak to lead fatal.

Miliaria crystalina./ Pustular lesions of Meningitis

May be it was 'Varicella - Zoster meningitis' with late manifestations of skin rash.

Late manifestation of Varicella Zoster meningitis ...vesico-papular rashes.

Miliaria pustulosa?

Scrofula before death in tb meningitis . boils

Miliaria crystallina/Herpes zoster?

Miliara pustulosa.

Zoster lesions should have erythematous base .....It is Milaria crystallina....

menigoccocemia spots

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