11yrs/m boy presents with swelling in rt neck region and had history of small swelling noticed at age of 3 yrs. swelling has increased progressively within 5 days and larynx and tracheal pushed laterally from midline and pain over neck region. o/e warm, tenderness, soft present diagnosis? d/d management??

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cystic hygroma hodkins reactive lymphadenitis are dds

Branchial cyst with secondary infection

Branchial cyst

DD Branchial cyst. Tubercular lymphadenitis Cystic hygroma.


Tnx Dr Kapil Chavan

Tubercular lymphedinitis.treat with akt sos removal .

Step by step 1.small swelling noticed at 3 years of age . It is a branchial cyst . 2.It cannot be cystic hygroma as it is never small swelling 3.Sudden increase in size with on 5 days indicates secondary infection in a branchial cyst with branchial abscess formation 4 A USG will confirm the diagnosis 5 Incision and drainage of branchial abscess is indicated under cover of parenteral antibiotics. 6 Once drainage is complete and wound has healed definitive surgery for branchial cyst can be deferred for 6 months

Hogidkins lymphoma good results with prednisolon otherwise radiotherapy is tt of choice 2 nd d/ d is tuberclar lymhnodes after matting for this has to be investigated for t b cbc esr mtwith 5 t u sputam for afb cxr Igm specific for tb P. S . For hodgkin inbloo slide u can see mirror image cells 3 / d/d is abscess wheather cold or hot if cold treat with att if hot then incesin & drain. Anti biotics antiinflamatory analgesics

Brachial cyst?

Looks like Cystic Hygroma sudden increase in size, due to an infection or bleeding within the cyst.treatment includes surgery frist get USG OF NECK or CT OF HEAD NECK

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